Gobierno Vasco

History and presentation

In 1952 the technical school “Gabriel Maria de Ibarra” was established. At that time pupils attending the centre began at 10 and at 15 they finished their studies, which were a mixture of high school and vocational training. In 1978 it was decided to create a specific department for vocational training, which eventually broke off from the main high school until 1994, when they merged into a single centre. When the union took place the name of the centre was changed. The name Zaraobe was chosen. This is a meaningful place-name in the area because that is where the assemblies of the valley met since the Middle Ages.

In 1997 Zaraobe merged with Orduña’s Professional Training School forming what is today Zaraobe High School. Over the years Zaraobe High School has been and continues to be the cultural benchmark for the whole valley. Most of its residents and neighbours have passed through its classrooms at some point or other in their lives. Zaraobe has seen many changes, as has the region that embraces us.

The union of several schools with different features and teaching lines has resulted in an undoubtful enriching experience. It has also facilitated to a great extent the foundation of a pioneering school in Álava, innovative and outstanding in many aspects of both official and adult teaching.  Despite the time passed from its foundation, the school keeps all the vitality and thrill from its origins, way back to the 50s.

Currently it is a centre that is continuously renewing its facilities and developing its teaching. It looks out for the needs of the upcoming generations and the new needs of globalization and evolution of a modern society, such as that of Ayala, could create.


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